Brno railway station post office


Bohuslav Fuchs designed the building of the railway station post office, whose position and technology are accommodated to the needs of rail post transport and which was built close to the Art Nouveau Brno railway station in 1937-1938. The builders had to cope with adverse subsoil conditions at the site originally occupied by the town's ramparts; therefore, in cooperation with Boleslav Bloudek, a statics expert, they designed a two-level ferro-concrete basement creating a solid base. The post office building itself is supported by a light steel structure which enables the variability of interior partitions as well as easy the removal of the entire building. The idea of the removal was included in the intention to move Brno railway station half a kilometer to the south, which, as a number of urban development studies claimed, should facilitate the city's development in its empty southern part.
The front of the post office is distinctively horizontal with two rows of ribbon windows whose regularity is only disrupted by the curved marquee sheltering the entrance. The original design involved more luxurious stone facing, but this intention was abandoned for economic reasons. The interior is dominated by the main lobby with counters, supported by a frame riveted structure with a suspended gallery of the first floor. One can still admire the paternoster as well as the brass details of the counters still serving their original purpose.