Nursery school on Řezáčova

In 1973, while working for state the architectural design company Stavoprojekt Brno, the architect František Sláma elaborated a standardized design for a nursery school building for sixty children. The resulting project was located on a plot chosen for its quiet location and optimal size that was adjacent to Řezáčova street in the Brno district of Komín. According to the requirements, a K-21-type boiler house was to be connected to the side of the building and it was therefore necessary to find a site that would allow the building to be extended over time.


The final appearance of the nursery building as it is today differs significantly from Sláma’s original project. As with Miroslav Dufek’s school design, the building has a raised ground floor and two other floors laid out identically, apart from a section on the lower one where the kitchen and other facilities are located. The kitchen is separated from the main children’s play area by a staircase, which also leads to storage rooms, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and a corridor, which runs the whole length of the building and is accessible from both main entrances.


The continuous loggias in the design for ground and first floors of the north side were not, in the end, realized. The reason given was that there would not be sufficient operational use of them. In actual fact, it was not the insufficient need for this distinctive architectural feature of the facade that played the important role in its omission but the prefabrication. For the structure, a so-called KPO prefabricated skeleton with brick partitions was used and the façade was constructed by means of panels with a ceramic finish. The outdoor loggias were not the only feature left out. A monolithic staircase with ramp was also omitted, thereby significantly changing the aesthetic appearance of the building. The building became considerably more ungainly and turned into an average product of prefabricated panel construction. This was not mitigated by the shallow avant-corps between the two entrances. Today, the building has two front entrances with the boiler house to the left of it. A new creche building, which belongs to a larger complex, has been built alongside it and shares the gently sloping garden of the nursery.


Like the above-mentioned project by Miroslav Dufek in Královo Pole, this nursery school underwent a major reconstruction in 2016 in order to become more energy efficient. However, the thermal cladding of the building completely changed its architectural expression. The original arrangement of the façade structure that gave the building its dynamic expression disappeared.


Nursery school on Řezáčova

1973 – 1976

František Sláma

School, boarding school

Řezáčova 804/3, (Komín), Brno, Komín

Public transport
Olbrachtovo náměstí (TROL 36)

49°13'26.4"N 16°33'27.8"E

Kolektiv autorů, Typizovaný projekt mateřské školy, Brno 1973

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