Kraví hora 1946–1989

2,6 KM

 This trail acquaints us with some diverse buildings around the Brno hill Kraví hora. The development of the area took place primarily during the First Republic and after the war it gradually expanded. On the south-eastern side, around the square Náměstí Míru, a complex of school buildings was constructed, followed by university halls of residence. From there, the trail leads up to the top of Kraví hora, where there are various sports grounds, a swimming pool complex with an impressive view of the city skyline, and the dominant feature of the hill − Brno Observatory and Planetarium. On the way down, we pass some interwar family houses, before reaching a post-war housing development, and then in the north-east we encounter some school buildings and academic institutes. The trail takes us along the busy traffic artery of Úvoz, at the northern end of which is an architecturally noteworthy housing development from the late 1950s.

Kraví hora 1946–1989

2,6 KM

Number of objects

Trail Starts Here
Náměstí Míru 376

First object
University dormitory on náměstí Míru

Public transport
náměstí Míru (TRAM 4; BUS 68)

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