Královo Pole 1946–1989

5,4 km KM

This post-war trail begins at the Královo Pole railway station from the 1950s, which was planned in the interwar period, and includes buildings to the north of the historical square Slovanské náměstí. Here, there are several residential complexes, a prefabricated panel housing estate and, on plots in Medlánky, the buildings of the Regional Veterinary Administration and the Veterinary Research Institute. The trail leads around the sports complex on Vodova street and then to the complex of Purkyňova Hall of Residence.

You can get to Brno University of Technology campus from Červinková street via a pedestrian bridge, or, alternatively, take a trip from the Skácelova public transport stop to Žabovřesky, from where you can continue on to the zoo and reservoir.

Královo Pole 1946–1989

5,4 km KM

Number of objects

Trail Starts Here
Budovcova 2719

First object
Králové Pole railway station

Public transport
Královo pole, nádraží (TRAM 6)

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