Heinrich Blum


Architect Heinrich (Jindřich) Blum was born in Soběšice near Brno on 16 January 1884. He completed his studies at the German Technical University in Brno in 1921. In 1922-23 the Maloměřice Cement Works silo was built according to his design (in cooperation with František Hýbl). In the late 1920s he designed two houses built in Preslova Street in Brno. In 1931 he designed the Masaryk German School in Janáčkovo Square in Brno. His independent work reached its climax in the design of the Wittal Villa in Hroznová Street. The First Moravian Savings Company building in Jánská Street (a collaboration with Josef Polášek and Otokar Oplatek) was Heinrich Blum's last and most important work. Heinrich Blum married Gertrude Nasch at the beginning of November 1941, but was deported to Terezín due to his Jewish ethnicity in 1942 and later transferred to Lublin, where records of him end. The architect most likely died in one of the Nazi concentration camps in the same year.