Terraced houses


Bohuslav Fuchs, who, together with Jaroslav Grunt, created the urbanism conception of the New House estate, is also the author of the row of three terraced houses on the corner of Petřvaldská and Bráfova streets. The project is an example of a minimal family residence designed to offer modern housing for the lowest price possible.
The mass of the structure is a long block divided into three two-storey residential units of the same size. Added to one unit is the smaller cubic structure of the garage on the corner; there is a study upstairs and a terrace on the flat roof. The layouts of the units are entirely identical, except for this extension. The ground floor housed service and storage areas of the cellar, laundry and servant's room. The first floor was residential and included a kitchen, a small study and dining room also serving as the main living room. Parents' and children's bedrooms were, like the bathroom and coatroom, situated on the second floor.
Bohuslav Fuchs attempted to design a cheap prototype for individual housing accessible to a large part of the population. He put a great emphasis on innovating the layout, e.g. through a clear functional division into the working area of the kitchen, relaxation space of the living room and separate bedrooms only intended for sleeping, which was far from the norm at the time. Fuchs' buildings have received several reconstructions in the past. Although the buildings are listed, windows have recently been replaced and other insensitive structural changes made.