Ponava 1946–1989

5,4 KM

The cadastral territory of Ponava was not codified until the 1960s and includes the territory of several older city districts, which are now completely urban in character. The trail begins symbolically in Lužánky Park, where the river Ponava springs to the surface. It leads past the former research institute building that was designed by Jan Dvořák. Today, the building is a faculty of Masaryk University and has a radically different appearance following a recent reconstruction. In this area, the interwar apartment buildings were joined by post-war developments, notably, the modernist style rows of buildings around Tábor street and certain residential developments from the period of socialist realism. The trail also takes in the administrative landmark of this district, namely the three high-rise buildings on Šumavská street. Further along the trail, there are several university halls of residence on the way to the outdoor swimming pool on Dobrovského. On the way back to the city centre, the trail leads around the halls of residence of the University of Defence and meets up with the Sportovní trail.

Ponava 1946–1989

5,4 KM

Number of objects

Trail Starts Here
Lidická 1880

First object
Reconstruction and extension of the restaurant pavilion in Lužánky Park – the House of Pioneers and Youth (currently Lužánky Leisure Centre)

Public transport
Pionýrská (TRAM 1, 6; TROL 25, 26)

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