Štýřice 1946–1989

3,1 KM

 The Štýřice trail includes an area south of the city centre that is quite heterogeneous in its urban composition. It begins by the Svratka River, at the Na Nábřeží experimental housing complex, and then leads to Rondo Hall, one of the largest constructions carried out with the aid of citizens’ labour brigades in the framework of ‘Initiative Z’. The trail then leads down Renneská street, where interwar apartment buildings rub shoulders with their post-war socialist realism style counterparts, and then on to Vídeňská street, where the outstanding Ingstav building is located. The trail ends at the large Staré Brno-South Housing Estate, where you will find the primary school on Horní street.

From there you can take a trip to the Honorary Burial Ground of the Red Army at the nearby Central Cemetery.

Štýřice 1946–1989

3,1 KM

Number of objects

Trail Starts Here
Křídlovická 371, 372–375, 376, 380

First object
Experimental apartment buildings on Křídlovická

Public transport
Křídlovická (TRAM 8, 10; BUS 60, 61)

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