In the Footsteps of Adolf Loos

The trail In the Footsteps of Adolf Loos takes visitors around the wider centre of Brno, drawing their attention to places connected with the life of Adolf Loos. Although the only surviving, and accessible, Loos’ realisation in Brno is the marble hall of the so-called Bauer’s Chateau at the Brno Exhibition Centre, the authors, Jana Kořínková and Pavla Cenková, have managed to put together some twenty stops, including several tips for more distant excursions (Hrušovany u Brna, Nedvědice).
The Trail starts at the new monument to Adolf Loos, located approximately at the site of Loos’ original parental home – the sculpture and stonemasonry workshop of his father, Adolf Loos Sr. Several stops are devoted to the little-known sculptural commissions of that successful Brno enterprise (either made directly by Adolf Loos Sr. or by his collaborators), such as the decoration of the facade of the Constitutional Court and the Faculty of Music, Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, selected examples of tombstones in the Central and Jewish Cemeteries, etc.
Before reaching Bauer’s Chateau, which is the imaginary “highlight” of the Trail, visitors can find out where Adolf Loos studied (the Second German Imperial-Royal State Gymnasium and the Imperial-Royal Higher German State Industrial School in Brno, today the buildings of the Brno City Hall on Dominikánské Square and Husova Street), where he lectured, where he met with friends, and which buildings were inspired by Loos’ famous “raumplan” (Kolbaba Confectionery, Avion Hotel, Savoy Café). The unrealised “house on the roof” on Sedlákova Street, the conversion of Karel Herold’s house on Jiráskova Street (not accessible to the public), and the family houses on Alešova Street using Loos’ design principles have also been included in the Trail and presented by means of texts supplemented by archival material.
The texts are supplemented with quotations from the contemporary press, memories of wives, friends and colleagues in order to create as true a picture as possible of the traces left by Adolf Loos in Brno – as well as of the imprints of Brno in his work.


In the Footsteps of Adolf Loos


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Kounicova 6

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The House and Workshop of Adolf Loos Sr. (Brno, Kounicova 6, formerly Friedhofgasse [Cemetery Street] No. 20–22, now Continental Hotel

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