Housing estate on Kosmova


As with the development on nearby Mánesova street, which was built at the same time, František Zounek used the T16 type building for the housing estate on Kosmova street (at that time Kubešova) in Králové Pole. In the period press, he was criticized for the excessive complexity of the plan, by means of which he dealt with the complicated plot hemmed in by an important traffic artery leading to Královo Pole railway station. However, even in this case, he eventually received recognition for the unusual architectural solution, which, at the same time, follows standardized types. With František Zounek’s projects, it is possible to agree with Jiří Gočár, the theorizing architect and ardent proponent of the industrialization of construction, who, quite paradoxically, defended typification as a ‘creative principle’ in an essay from 1959.