Institute of Forensic Medicine of Masaryk University


After the establishment of Masaryk University in 1919, it was necessary to find or build new sites for individual faculties. Many found temporary home in the buildings of former welfare institutions which had moved outside Brno. The Regional Political Administration set up a  special department in charge of building the new university - a project involving both adaptations of existing buildings as well as the construction of new ones; the department was managed by architect Miloš Laml. The first newly built facility designed by Laml was the Institute of Anatomy of the Medical Faculty in Úvoz Street from 1920; it occupies the site of former military barracks. A design by the same author was used for building the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Masaryk University on the other side of Tvrdého Street. This building was not completed until 1929-30, due to lengthy bureaucratic procedures. The building consists of the entrance two-story part on an L-shaped ground plan housing administrative and residential rooms.  It merges into a  curved connecting wing leading to dissection rooms and laboratories and the lecture room with an apse situated in the inner yard. The vestibule with the staircase, situated immediately behind the entrance, is the center of the composition and the junction of all movement within the building. The entrance portal consisting of pillars and an architrave is the only prominent element on a smooth front segmented only by windows skirted with plain bands.

Institute of Forensic Medicine of Masaryk University


Miloš Laml

Below Špilberk 1918–1945


Healthcare facility, spa

Tvrdého 562/2a, (Stránice), Brno, Střed

Public transport
Tvrdého (TROL 35, 38, 39)
Tvrdého (TROL 25, 26, 35, 38)
Úvoz (TRAM 4)

49°11'49.601"N, 16°35'31.28"E

Rostislav Koryčánek, Česká architektura v německém Brně. Město jako ideální krajina nacionalismu, Brno 2003