Falkensteiner Foundation House


Valentin Falkensteiner was an influential Brno-based entrepreneur and patron who devoted much of his life to caring for the poor and participated in the management of the town as an assembly member. As he had requested in his last will, a foundation was set up after his death in 1884 to manage his substantial wealth and make donations for charitable purposes. The foundation, administered by the City of Brno, took part in building homes for the poor and supported disabled and socially disadvantaged people. The foundation drew the necessary financial resources from securities and rent from seven houses owned by the foundation in the centre of the city.
In 1934 the foundation built an apartment building according to a design by architect Oskar Poříska on Moravské náměstí; situated on the edge of an avenue popular as a promenade, the building was conceived as a middle-class housing development. Supported by ferro-concrete beams, its central passage forms a monumental gate to the newly built Mášova Street. The main front of the seven-storey structure is divided by a vertical strip of glazed loggias over the passage; the topmost retracted floor features a terrace. The ground floor of this apartment complex was used for commercial purposes.

Falkensteiner Foundation House


Oskar Poříska

Veveří 1918–1945


Apartment building

Moravské náměstí 755, 947 / 14a, 14b, (Veveří), Brno, Střed

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