Swimming pool on Kraví hora


Kraví hora was a natural habitat on hilly terrain located to the north-west of the historical city centre. During the twentieth century, especially after the Second World War, it became an important recreational area, and park grounds, a garden colony and an observatory grew up on the top of the hill. In the 1970s, this wooded area also began to turn into a popular site for sports activities, and tennis courts and a softball field were added. This was the location for the outdoor swimming pool complex that was built in 1975. It was based on a design by Miloslav Kramoliš from 1969 and was set on the southern slope of Kraví hora, offering spectacular views of the historical city centre, including Špilberk Castle and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.


The architect had already worked on successfully completed projects for the Hotel International, the Horka housing estate in Adamov and the spa in Boskovice. He used the sloping land with a great deal of urban sensitivity in his design for the city’s new recreational swimming facility, incorporating a system of terraces following the contours of the terrain. The long low building which housed changing rooms and toilets, showers, and an integral refreshment kiosk was placed at the highest point of the available space. Using a long, kinked concrete ramp, he linked the main promenade that passes the changing cabins and the refreshment stand to the top terrace. For resting and sunbathing, there was an adjoining system of wide, tiered terraces with solid stone paving tiles that blended in with the surrounding natural environment. These terraces led down to a fifty-metre swimming pool with an elegantly curved slide and a children’s paddling pool. In terms of materials, Kramoliš used the contrasts of the direct-finish concrete of the terraces and changing rooms, the low stone walls, and the terrazzo and coloured tiles of the swimming pools. The most appealing feature of the swimming pool on Kraví hora is, without doubt, its harmonious relationship with the surrounding landscape. It is a spacious naturally conceived recreation area with sports grounds and a sunken swimming pool that gives the visitor the impression of swimming close to the city skyline within reach of the sky.


In the years 2001–2004, the dilapidated swimming pool complex was repaired and an indoor swimming hall glazed on three sides with wooden sun-breakers was built in the western part. The original Kramoliš design had also envisaged a covered hall for winter swimming. In addition designing the new 25-metre indoor swimming pool with saunas, DRNH architecture studio, which was tasked with the renewal of the swimming pool complex, also focused on the regenerating the existing outdoor structures (such as replacing the concrete pools with steel ones, repairing the walking areas and terraces). Thanks to its sensitive approach, it managed to preserve all the original qualities of this summer recreational complex which has long been a favourite of the Brno public.



Swimming pool on Kraví hora

1969 – 1975

Miloslav Kramoliš

Kraví hora 1946–1989


Údolní 532/76, (Veveří), Brno, Střed

Public transport
Heinrichova (TRAM 4)

49°12'05.7"N 16°35'07.5"E