Apartment building


In 1938 architect Endre Steiner prepared a design for an apartment building at No. 2 Třída Kapitána Jaroše Street. However, due perhaps to the architect's Jewish origin, the house was seized by the Gestapo shortly before its completion; the architect was arrested and released on the condition that he complete the building later. Steiner soon managed to escape to Slovakia, where he became a member of the "Working Group," whose aim was to rescue Slovak Jews from the Holocaust.
The light cladding of the facade on this seven-level house stands out from the surrounding rows of terraced houses. Fully in the spirit of Steiner's subtle minimalism, the street front is segmented by the window axis on the left and the shallow balconies with rounded railings and ribbon windows on the right. The yard facade is covered by smooth plaster and features axes of windows, a column of round glass blocks and rounded corner balconies. Each floor housed one studio flat and a large, three-room apartment with a central hall and two balconies; the ground floor was occupied by commercial areas.