Masaryk University Institute of Anatomy (Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Technology)


After the establishment of Masaryk University in 1919, it was necessary to find suitable sites for individual faculties. The adaptations and completions of buildings were controlled by the Regional Political Administration, whose building and development office was managed by architect Miloš Laml. The anatomy institute was the first newly built facility for the university; it was erected on the site of the former military quarters on the corner of Úvoz and Údolní streets near the villa developments of the Officers' Quarter.
This ground floor building forms a connection wing between a pair of two-storied barracks and its segmented ground plan is dominated by the octagonal lecture hall situated in the inner block. This is also where one can find the entrance lobby providing access to locker rooms and dissecting rooms facing the street. The appearance of the facade reflects the period effort to find a maximum simplification of the classicist morphology. The street front reveals a rhythm composed of ledges and keystones over the windows and its symmetry is enhanced by the rectangular central attic. The yard facade is dominated by the five-wall mass of the lecture hall with three-wing windows and a low attic. The adjoining single-level entrance part forming a  Renaissance-style serliana is another historicist element. The lecture theatre housed six rows of desks and an elevated gallery, the octagonal skylight provided for sufficient lighting in the room.
The academic community welcomed the construction of a large lecture hall, which became Masaryk University's only formal area for a long time. The only criticism concerned the fact that the auditorium was situated too far from the city centre. Today the former military barracks are the seat of the University of Technology, which announced in 2006 a public tender for an adaptation project which would adjust the site to suit the needs of the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Fine Arts. Although no first prize was awarded, the jury selected four designs to be elaborated; finally the jury recommended the implementation of the design presented by the FAM studio, which involved the removal of the building of the Anatomy Institution.

Masaryk University Institute of Anatomy (Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Technology)


Miloš Laml

Below Špilberk 1918–1945


School, boarding school

Údolní 244/53, Úvoz 244/33 , (Stránice), Brno, Střed

Public transport
Úvoz (TRAM 4)
Úvoz (TROL 38, 39)
Úvoz (TROL 25, 26, 38, 39; BUS 81)

49°11'53.197"N, 16°35'35.934"E

Rostislav Koryčánek, Česká architektura v německém Brně. Město jako ideální krajina nacionalismu, Brno 2003