Semi-detached house


Wiesner's semi-detached house is based on the principle of terraced houses. Shifting both residential units slightly and mirroring them mutually creates an original solution with entrances on the opposite sides. The nook created by the aforementioned move of the units delimits the area for the entrance terrace with the adjoining external staircase. The main entrance on the first floor leads to the hall, living room and kitchen; the second floor then features three bedrooms and a bathroom. The ground floor conceals service areas, larders and cellars. Ernst Wiesner managed to create a pleasant housing area even on this limited scale. Proof of this is the fact that his building was one of the first houses to be sold and has been preserved without any major structural changes until now. Only the ground floor garage extensions, whose roofs are used as terraces and which are situated at the entrances to both units, represent prominent modifications.